5 Things You Need To Know Before Coming To DWP

One of the largest dance music festivals in Asia, Djakarta Warehouse Project will be back on this weekend. Better known as dwp 2017, this festival is a field of followers of the flow of music Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Trance, and Techno. By presenting the best DJ setlist in the world, this is a great momentum to take part in this festival. In this article, we will provide some guidance for you who will come down to dancefloor.

  1. Purchase Ticket

Ismaya, as the organizer, has issued an official ticket price on their website page, where the tickets are divided into categories such as General Affair (GA) and VIP.

GA Early Entry, Rp 775,000 for 1 day and Rp 1,125,000 for 2 days. For this ticket category, you are required to enter the venue before 5 pm. GA Presale, Rp 875,000 for 1 day and Rp 1,400,000 for 2 days, and VIP GOLD, Rp 1,500,000 for 1 day and Rp 2,875,000 for 2 days. For both categories of tickets, you are free to go to any venue at any hour. And you want to order VVIP Table, you can directly order via Djakarta Warehouse website.

  1. Food and Drink

Inside the venue, you are not allowed to bring food and drink from outside. Payments and purchases made using the tokens system, which you can redeem in food stands or shops. For your own FnB area, you will be served several restaurant options such as Kitchenette, Pizza e Birra, and Fook Yew.

In addition, for those of you who want to buy alcoholic beverages, you can buy one glass of cocktails for Rp 130.000 and a bottle of beer for Rp 90.000. Do not forget to show your ID when you buy, because of so it’s minimal you are 21 years old. Need you underline, in the venue, there is no ATM machine, so you have to bring more cash.

  1. Best Hotels and Nearby of Venue

After all-night dancing, usually, you feel tired and to go home. Especially if you managed to hook a girl, it’s a pity if this moment too far. For you who want to check in a hotel around the venue, here we give some hotel recommendations that could be one of your choices.

  1. Stage and Artist

Having three great special stage, this festival has one main stage that is Garudha Land. Garudha Land itself is a giant sculpture that represents the symbol of the State of Indonesia, the eagle. This stage has stage settings, sound system, lighting, visual effects, laser shows, fireworks, smoke and screens that will make you feel the totality of this event.

  1. Events!

DWP has achieved its success since it was first held in 2008 and became the most eagerly awaited every year. Based on a billboard report last year, visitors to this festival numbered 75,000 visitors in the last year. Although visitors who come dominated by Indonesian citizens (WNI), not a few foreign nationals (foreigners) who also come to this festival. Of course with different styles.

Speaking of style, you have to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Because you can imagine the location will be present tens of thousands of people. So, do not get your wrong costume yes.