6 Most Attractive Places in Medan

Medan is one of the major metropolitan cities in Indonesia, precisely at number three in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. A terrain inhabited by various ethnic groups with different cultures. Medan is not much different from Jakarta or Surabaya, especially in terms of their demographics heterogeneous. The condition of the infrastructure that is increasingly modern give a significant contribution to the life of Medan travel holistically. For travel guides, you can see at visit medan indonesia.

The attractiveness of the city of Medan is also present in a heterogeneous society layers. You can find some great and magnificent buildings in Medan that holds significance as well as the historical heritage noble religious values.

Places of Interest in Medan

Compiled from various sources, here are a number of tourist attractions in Medan most interesting.

  1. Playground Hillpark Sibolangit

This is the biggest playground in North Sumatra, within the contours of the mountain region and is about 1 hour drive from the city of Medan. Expanse of green hills is another attraction that is owned tourist attractions in Medan this one, as well as the air is cool and clean. Therefore, the playground has become one of the favorite tourist destinations family in North Sumatra.

  1. Graha Santa Maria Annai Velangkanni

This is one of the tourist destinations in the spiritual field, a Catholic church that is very unique. Architecturally, the building Graha Santa Maria Annai Velangkanni almost like a Hindu temple. At first the church was designated for Tamil Catholics in the city of Medan, and on the way is open for the whole people.

  1. Tip Top Restaurant

This is one of the legendary places to eat in Medan with age so old since its establishment in 1929. Based in Kesawan which is also a business center in Medan, Tip Top Restaurant so popular among the people of Medan from generation to generation. Its location is very close to Tjong A Fie Mansion makes Kesawan became one of the sights in the field of interest to visit.

  1. Region Chinatown

This is one of the famous culinary field in Medan. There are various menus of meals there which was really tasty. Starting from an assortment of noodle, satay, until the duck dishes, Chinatown is crowded by people who want to visit Dining, either with family or relatives and colleagues.

  1. Tjong A Fie (Tjong A Fie Mansion)

This is one of the historical sights in Medan, a house where you can find Malay culture – to the history of Chinese city of Medan. The house is located in Jln. Ahmad Yani, Medan. Architecturally, the building was set with a mix of architectural styles China, Europe, and Malay.

  1. Freedom Walk

This is one of the most recommended culinary field. However, culinary areas of the field which is only open at night only. Located in the heart of Medan, you’ll find plenty of snacks and meals under the shady trees, and surrounded by historic old buildings in the city of Medan. Freedom Square is so attractive sheen visible at night with lights and buildings in the vicinity.