Booking the Cheapest Flight Deals to Dublin

When you are planning to go on a vacation in Dublin, Ireland, a large part of your expenses will be reserved for your plane ticket.  Sadly, after the disappointing meltdown in the economy, most airline companies from Dublin have started to limit the amount of their international flights.  This means that there are also limited tickets available, so finding that low cost Dublin flights will not be that easy.  As of today, the average cost of ticket is around $1,400.


Your Ultimate Guide When Looking for the Best Flight Deals to Dublin

There are different things that you need to consider when you are looking for the plane ticket that bears your ideal price tag.  Here are some of them.


Let us categorise the travel season based on high, low and shoulder season.  During the high season which is around the month of June up to August, finding cheap Dublin flights is a struggle.  In fact, finding a ticket that is below $1,300 is almost impossible.  Normally, you will expect to pay $1,600 for a single ticket.  This is only normal since the month of June-August is the date where most people visit Dublin.  During the month of November up to the Easter (low season), it is relatively easy to find an affordable ticket.  I remember last 2012 when I spent only $550, but someone told me that it is still possible to find a ticket that is priced lower than that.  During the shoulder season or the season between the peak and the low season, expect to pay an average of $850 for the ticket.

Departure Airport

The airport where you plan to fly can have a major impact on the cost of your plane ticket.  Generally, the ticket purchased on the major airport such as New York will offer the best flight deals to Dublin.  Sadly, it is virtually impossible for you to move to New York in an instant.  But in case you reside in a place where there are numerous airports, it will be easy for you to find a reasonably priced ticket.

Searching the Different European Airport

Your place of arrival can also affect the price of your ticket.  It will be possible for you to save an extra $200 if you choose your airport wisely.  When you are looking for cheap Dublin flights, make sure to check the surrounding airport at the city and compare them.  But remember that the cheapest airport does not always offer the best solution.  You need to guarantee that they are suitable for your needs and preference.

Finally, you should also be aware that the cheap Dublin flights cannot be refunded.  Sometimes, it also comes with an excessive fee especially when you want a ticket change.  Most Dublin airline companies will charge you with an extra $250 plus addition fees just to change your flight.  In order to avoid the excessive fee and charges, you need to be aware on the rules and terms of the airline companies before booking for a flight.