Five Pleasure Trips in Jamaica

The Blue Hole is an out of the way swimming hole encompassed with rich foliage and beautiful flowers native to the area just waiting to be discovered. Located in beautiful Ocho Rios, it costs $10 for the local guide to take you there. It is breathtaking and the guide can help keep you safe and show you where all the great jumps are. The Blue Hole has a huge swinging rope you can swing on then let go and jump down into the natural blue tropical pool. To find places to stay nearby, check

The Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour

Take a tour of the Nine Mile village where the Legend Reggae Singer Bob Marley was born and raised. The ride up the mountainside is a bit rugged but the views from the top are spectacular. Visit Bob Marley’s home and see the famous rock where he sat and wrote his famous songs. See Bob Marley’s Museum and his trophy room where all his music accomplishments are on display. Try some Bob Marley coffee or something stronger at the bar. On the way back, stop at shops that sell traditional island things and of course, authentic Bob Marley memorabilia.

Catamaran Cruise

On the Negril Catamaran Cruise, you can go snorkeling on the reef at the Negril Marine Park. During the three-hour cruise, enjoy up close the tropical fish and colorful coral. Then you will cruise on over to the famous Rick’s Cafe where you can order refreshments and enjoy the breathtaking sunset. Enjoy some cliff jumping into a tropical pool if you dare!

The Dunn’s River Falls

The Dunn’s River Falls are a beautiful Jamaican attraction located near Ocho Rios. The falls majestically stand 180 feet high and span out 600 feet wide. The falls were originally named “Las Chorreras” by the Spanish which means “endless flow of the springs, or the waterfalls”. Ocho Rios means eight rivers but there are really only four rivers that flow quickly down into the sea. There are rocky terraces where the water pools as it makes its way down the mountain to the lagoon at the bottom. One of the most pleasing things to do is climb up the falls and rest and cool off in one of the terrace pools along the way. The falls are not man made but all natural made from the erosive flow of the water currents. There are guided tours available, or you can explore in your own groups. Many people create human chains to climb up the wet and Rocky area. Dunn’s River Falls is considered one of Jamaica’s national treasures.

Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours

Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours has the longest Zipline in the Caribbean. Fly down 1600 feet of zipline cable to experience the island of Jamaica from above the forests. You’ll see cascading hills in the distance, lush farmlands and tropical flowers as you fly by at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The Great River rushes on beneath as you speedily make your way down the zipline.