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Advantages of Sous Vide Cooking

If you enjoy cooking and learning new techniques, you might be interested in the sous vide of cooking that has recently become a craze among home cooks. It is not really some secret way of cooking, but professional chefs have been into the practice for a while now and achieving great effects in cooking five-star restaurant quality food with it. Since catching the eye of many home cooks seeking better ways of preparing food, sous vide has caught food enthusiasts by a storm.

Many home cooks who are also farming their own vegetables and raising their own animals for meat are turning to this old method of cooking in order to preserve food as well as achieve a level of cooking and keeping the flavor of food, especially meat, which is just not achieved through the common means as frying.

The cooking method called sous vide, as the term implies, involves cooking food in a water bath after it has been vacuum-packed in plastic while the temperature is kept the same all throughout the cooking process, from an hour up to days. The difference that this type of cooking achieves is that food is cooked evenly throughout without drying out or burning the outer layers, and keeping the flavor and moisture intact at the same time.
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Some may wonder how come some bother when food can be as delicious when cooked in the traditional way.
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But if you have tasted food cooked in this method, you will come to appreciate it and realize why many cooks are turning to it more and more. Food experts back the method, after they have tried it out for themselves in their very own kitchens. The truth is that cooking wrapped food has been long practiced by ancient people. Packing food and cooking it that way has been a practice with the earliest people of the world, with some using widely available leaves or salt, even bladders or fat rendered from animals they hunted.

Here is a list of the top reasons why sous vide is the top choice for cooking food.

1. When food is wrapped in a vacuum-sealed container, it no longer gets exposed to the decaying effects of air around. Once food is picked or butchered, the longer it is kept out in the open, the faster it rots. The vacuum seal helps to preserve the freshness of food. The method also packs in the natural moisture from the food itself.

2. Food tastes just as fresh as the day it was stored when sealed in this way.

3. The controlled temperature allows even cooking through all layers. Because the temperature always stays constant no matter how long it is being cooked, there is no need to worry about the time it should take to cook the food. Now cooks can spend time doing other things, getting more things done because there is no need to keep a constant watch. Time can be devoted to the artistic side of food preparation.

4. Cooking can achieved exactly as desired without a hitch.

Would you like to experience out sous vide too? Take a look at the equipment you can use for this method.