Iconic Africa Launches East African Safaris Fostering Surging Area Popularity


(Atlanta, Georgia)– Reports from the travel and tourism industry point to Africa as the second fastest growing destination in the world with an estimated 300 percent uptick since 1990. Among the continent’s current most sought-after locales is Tanzania whose visitor rate doubled over the last decade. Following a four-year decline, Kenya is also rising through the ranks courtesy of a 14 percent tourism uptick earlier this year. In response to this development, Terri Abadi of Iconic Africa has launched the travel agency’s latest safari destinations.

Abadi Said, “We’re excited to announce we’ve recently expanded into East Africa and now offer an entirely new array of luxury safaris. Iconic Africa Destinations now include both Kenya and Tanzania as well as a range of other options. We bring our clients customized trips to Africa’s most popular safari destinations, all of which are visited and handpicked by John Holley and myself for their combinations of opulent luxury, culture, diverse wildlife, natural beauty and a number of additional wonders unique to each area in our selection.”

Tanzania offers a wide range of geographical features, including savannas, forests, indigenous Baobab trees, floral fields, swamp land, snow-covered mountains and shoreline. This area is home to the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks as well as the Ngorongoro Crater and the Zanzibar archipelago. Native wildlife is said to roam the area year-round with three distinct safari circuits available to visitors. Kenya’s attributes include the Maasai Mara National Reserve bordering the Serengeti.

Serengeti National Park, specifically, is Tanzania’s oldest game reserve and home to the Great Migration, an annual crossing of three million wildebeest and other large game into Maasai Mara. The Maasai Mara Reserve offers panoramic views surrounding red savannas, white and whistling thorns, wild olives and fever trees as well as a range of native animals. Zanzibar has been described as a tropical paradise in addition to holding ruins of ancient mosques, bath houses and palaces once home to Persian Sultans.

Abadi Concluded, “Iconic Africa Safaris provide an unequaled chance to experience all the beauty and wonders of the continent. Our luxury holidays are a labor of love designed to showcase the best and most renowned features of this amazing country and everything she has to offer. We encourage anyone considering taking a trip to Africa to contact us for a customized holiday unlike any other. From up-close encounters with indigenous species to the area’s most indulgent accommodations offering the unparalleled hospitality for which Africa has become known, we strive to help clients create unforgettable memories.”

About Iconic Africa:

Offering couples and families luxury safaris to the best lodges and locations in Africa, Iconic Africa is an online travel agency specializing in bespoke luxury safaris.

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