As the name refers to, is targeting and shooting towards the target. The target is usually made either on a board and the point to be shooted on is encircled and usually made prominent.

Sometimes the target shooting includes aiming at birds which are flying in the air and then shooting them. These range in different complexities, distances etc. the more the professional you are, the more easily you can aim. And the more better you get at it.


Target shootings further have many different types. They range from simple to complex. Target shooting types include,  Archery shooting, crossbow shooting, action shooting, pistol shooting, shotgun shooting etc.

In some cases, guns are used. In some cases bows of different types are used such as in, archery.
The shootings done with competitions and prizes held are known as ‘’competitive’’ shootings. These are also recreational activities which are enjoyed by not only youngsters but aged people as well.


The type of equipment required depends upon the type of shooting one goes for. For instance, you might just require a target and something to shoot with. In shooting sports, you might need a shotgun and a firearm. In archeries, you might need a bow. The target also depends upon the type of shooting. Hunting is sometimes, also referred to as a shooting or target shooting. The target in that case is the animal you have opted for the hunt.

There are many associations such as the IDPA working on this specifically. They train the people to aim at the right target. And then competitions are held. For safe and fun carrying of this activity.