The Meaning Of The Holiday

The actual meaning of the holiday is a time when we have completed the given task well and have prepared well tomorrow. Many consider that the holiday was a time when we did not work as Sundays and holidays. Whereas the tasks given before the holidays have not even done and have not prepared anything to prepare for tomorrow. As a result, after the holiday is finished, all become cluttered or not running perfectly and I call it a lack of discipline.

I think the days of vacation (not holiday) most perfect for the students is the time after the exam, after the general tests semesters 1 & 2, the start of the school holidays and mid (up to 3 days before the school holiday after) school holidays. That is the most perfect day for a vacation. Is Sunday / holiday could be called a vacation? Can, provided that all the tasks you’ve completed, and at the end of the holiday (the late afternoon or the last day of vacation) you must use to prepare for tomorrow. Meaning? At the end of the vacation you can clean up the house, preparing all the stationery and books on schedule tomorrow lessons, etc. according to what you have to do tomorrow.
if you ask me if the days off I have not finished the task I consider the loss. Where possible the name holiday if you still think about the tasks that accumulate in the office / school, right? Actual vacation to relieve stress / burnout in everyday life, eh even add stress. Yes anyway? So my advice after school doing our homework or assignments that exist to complete a minimum of 75%. When in the office, follow the tradition of the Japanese people ‘do not go home until the task is actually finished’. If I still, after school I changed clothes, ate, and then dismantle the ‘composition’ bag today and check one by one book that I remember if there homework / assignments. If anything, I resolved to achieve the target of 75% complete (if it can be 100% very good). If it has not reached the target, I asked via message, chat (usually via Facebook), and search engine / internet. After completely new finish my vacation (although not a holiday, when work is completed, I consider a vacation). But still remember, in the evening to prepare everything for tomorrow. For example learned a lesson tomorrow, preparing for stationery, put the book on schedule tomorrow, etc.