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Factors To Consider When Building A Dog Kennel

It is very important to keep in mind that building the right kind a kennel reflects on your dog’s happiness. Many kennels are put outdoors and this exposes them to adverse weather conditions. There are a given tips on how well to accommodate the dog well in its kennel.

Consider the size that you want to build the kennel. In many cases the kennels are placed outside and therefore it is important to find an area with a good dimension of expansion. If you find a larger kennel, this will help your dog when it comes to moving around and stretching. You will find that the size has a very important need since it will reflect on the comfort of your dog. It will be important to measure your dog’s height in relation to the size it offers.

The sun and the wind should not be directly affecting the kennel in wherever you decide to have it built. This is because in many cases the two have known to be too bothersome to the dogs comfort. In the rainy season, avoid flooding by keeping the area flat. To some people who want to be close to the dog but not keep it indoors can therefore have it built close to the house door so that it may access the house any time. Always ensure the area is clean of any debris that can disturb the comfort of the dog.
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For a more stable kennel, consider digging holes to hold the post and fill them with concrete. When there is heavy storms and wind, then the kennel in such a position will be able to withstand all that. When it comes to the kind of a door to build, have it done moving outwards as opposed to inwards. In such a case the dog will be able to move inside with a huge space.
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The dog will have a good footing when gravel is used in its flooring. The use of the large gravel is more ideal in giving the dog a cleaner kennel which allows moisture to drain off easily and quickly.

The kennel should have good temperatures both day and night. In the cold and wet weather, have the floor slightly lifted from the door level. This can be done by placing an old blanket or a thick carpet underneath in the inside floor.

Finally the roof should always be sloped to prevent accumulation of rain water and debris on the top.