Travel Photography: Myanmar

With the travel industry in Myanmar in its outset course alternatives are still rather constrained. Most guests will wind up browsing Yangon (earlier known as Rangoon), Mandalay, Bagan (the plain with every one of the sanctuaries) and Inle Lake (where the men push with one leg to keep their hands free to cast their angling nets). This isn’t an issue for first time guests by any means, with bounty to browse in the region of every one of these goals.

The best season for a visit is amid the cooler winter months, particularly November through February. The wet season begins in late May, crests in August and closures as late as October. In addition to the fact that it is hot and muggy; downpours are regularly sufficiently overwhelming to upset travel so this is certifiably not a decent time for picture takers with constrained time. Obviously, in the event that you can adopt a more loosened up strategy you will discover the place basically to yourself and could get some extremely emotional shots in reality.

While settling your dates it is well worth hoping to incorporate a Full Moon the same number of religious exercises depends on the lunar date-book. Such open doors should, obviously, be treated with deference. Be a mindful picture taker. Dress fittingly and guarantee that your essence does not resentful any of the members or different spectators.


For some the feature of a visit to this, the biggest city, will be Shwedagon Pagoda, particularly if the visit is made through the late evening and into the night. A considerable lot of local people will leave their workplaces amid this period and, in transit home, may make a trip for some shopping, to have a lager or a talk with companions or ask. The territory is accordingly clamoring with road action offering ascend to an entire host of specially appointed open doors and additionally the undeniable shots of the pagoda from over the Royal Lake and from closer up.

A night like this can be diverged from a calmer morning looking at nearby markets or the different styles of design as your extravagant takes you.

The mouth of the Ayeyarwady River (some time ago known as the Irrawaddy) is just some 40km away and offers a possibility for waterscapes on a terrific scale. Such particular journeys may be hard to organize individually however ought to be conceivable through your inn or a neighborhood travel benefit.


Mandalay has various photographically intriguing sanctuaries however the most caught scene is that of walker movement on the U-Bein Bridge at dusk. Permit somewhere around one night for that outing yet additionally a lot of other time to locate your own exceptional pictures.

It will be well worth arranging an outing to the ‘Snake Temple’ at Paleik – not only for the 3 pythons that rest here around the Buddha statue yet additionally on account of the generally obscure sanctuary ruins in the territory.

Three different names to play with are: Mahamuni, Amarapura and Inwa (additionally Inn Wa). These each have their very own vacation spots however you are urged to accept the open door of being in an area to investigate past these and get to grasps with something of the genuine Myanmar.

A few picture takers appreciate the vessel outing to Mingun, as much for the riverside exercises with respect to the ‘Split Temple’. On the off chance that this sounds like your kind of trek, do attempt to make the Yadanabon Market which moves mid-evening.

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